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Shandong Yili-Spring Chemical Industry co.,Ltd.
  · Ammonium Chloride...
· Ammonium Chloride
· Ammonium Chloride
  · Ammonium Sulphate...
· Ammonium Sulphate
· Ammonium sulfate ...
  · Ammonium Bicarbon
· Ammonium Bicarbon...
  · Melamine Powder
  · White Aluminium O
· Brown Aluminium O
· Chromium Corundum
  · Calcium ammonium
· Caustic Soda 99%m
· Caustic Soda 99%m
  Shandong Yili-Spring Chemical Industry Co.,Limited belongs to Spring Share Group Limited(HK), was founded in 2007. It is located in Zouping ---- one of China's top 100 Cities. Our company has become a comprehensive enterprise integrated of manufacturing, production, selling and service through years of development.
Our company has self-managerial import and export right. It provides over 30 varieties products, including Fertilizer, Chemicals and White/Brown aluminium fused powder. It has strong technical force and large production scale. Relying on stable quality and good service, our products..More
  Add:High-tech zones,Zouping,Shandong,China.  
  Tel: +86-543-6161159
Url: www.33zz3.com
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